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    To switch USB devices, I ordered this USB 3.0 two-computer switch from Amazon,

    To automatically switch monitor inputs, I wrote some software.

    Time spent writing software is, once again, valued @ 0

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      Whatever that time may have been worth to the OP, it would cost you or I $0 to reuse the software itself. Yay open source

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        Maybe. If it cost him a workday or two, depending on how many “hundreds of dollars” the KVM switches cost and how much he makes in a day, it may have been worth it.

        Unfortunately for me, KVM switches that support 4K/60hz resolutions cost hundreds of dollars

        and that’s the best case scenario, because don’t forget,

        there are no KVM switches that support USB-C, and I couldn’t find KVM switches that support multiple high-res monitors either.

        He could always have valued it at 0 anyway, even if it turned out in his favour this time, but there’s no reason to say he did.

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        I’m very satisfied with https://github.com/debauchee/barrier (synergy fork/continuation).

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          Barrier doesn’t switch monitors. You need a separate monitor (or monitors) for each machine.

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            Ah, yes. Slightly different use cases, I guess.

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            Haim’s solution is pretty ingenius, though!

            Now that I know of it, I wish there was a DDC/CI tool I could use on OpenBSD :^)

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              Update to self.

              Found this tool - https://github.com/rockowitz/ddcutil - but it is Linux-only, at least for now.

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            This is quite cool although the DDC/CI requires connecting the monitor directly to the laptop (Macbook Pro in my case). I have a Dell U2718Q monitor that thanks to this handy tool I was able to control the brightness directly from Mac …. but doesn’t work if you go through a docking station. This seems to be quite common and mentioned in the ddcutil FAQ section.

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              Well that’s kinda cheating :)

              DisplayPort switches actually cost around $20 on AliExpress. They’re not great though – external power required, output port on the other side from input ports (really not designed for desktop use I guess), and I have some issues with the image not showing when the device is first powered on (after power has been lost) and I have to fiddle with the connection, restart the device or something..

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                Anybody know of a good KVM switch for CRT monitors? They usually require more bandwidth than flat-panel displays.

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                  similar setup, should try out your software and build a linux client for it