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Chrome only!

Solely tested on Chromium 50, on Debian 8 (in a virtual machine).

I’m totally unsure how it will render on other screens. It’s weird in the sense that how it renders is not like how the web page normally renders.

A neat 2nd experiment would be using svg backgrounds with real text.


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    Video of the site For all of you who can’t see it. Chrome 56 on Windows 10.

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      The Web 3.0: you need someone to take a video of website to have at least a basic idea of it content. I guess W3C is already working on standardizing this.

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      Nothing in Firefox 49.0.2 on macOS, alas!

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          well it’s not working for me in Safari or Chrome either, so I guess it’s nothing only features.

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        Doesn’t do anything on Windows 7 in these browsers:

        IE 11.0.9600.18204

        Chrome 54.0.2840.71 m

        Firefox 49.0.2


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          Runs in Chrome 50 here on Debian. It is slightly interactive so a screenshot wouldn’t do it justice.

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            D'oh. Well, I looked at the source images and it seems like it’s probably amusing.

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              I just tried it on Chrome 54 on Windows 7. Works fine. It may be a scaling issue. Play with the body height attribute.

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          Doesn’t work on Edge, and MS claims WebKit bugs^Wfeatures will be implemented slavishly for parity.

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            Nothing on Firefox for Android either, not that I expected anything :)