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      I love this. I wish VoIP hardware would just skip a few generations of codecs and went for lyra/soundstream. Globally we’re only just migrating from g711 which is 64kbps and sounds exactly like the old 8khz POTS line to barely better codecs that are in 8-24kbps range and slightly better quality. SoundStream seems miles ahead of alternatives there.

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        If you want interop with the phone network, isn’t the issue that they’re only using lowband audio internally anyway?

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          Only if your call actually hits the copper wire. Quite often it does not these days. Many mobile operators already support HD Audio for calls. I’m not sure if it works internationally yet.

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            I don’t think VoLTE even works between carriers yet

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              It’s up the the carrier. The tech is there and works for example between Telstra and Vodafone in Australia.

              It seems like the US has been testing it for a few years already. https://gsmarena.com/_at_t_working_on_crossvolte_between_us_carriers-blog-15773.php