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    I’d love it if the raw data were made available for mirroring.

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      That was my first thought, but I’m not 100% sure about it after considering it a bit. Would need more information about what precisely is in the data set. Does it purely contain information about what you might call the global megarich? Or would you be doxxing a bunch of other people as collateral damage? There’s supposedly terabytes of information, which sounds like the kind of data cache that’s very likely to have a ton of personal info either in it directly, or recoverable from it.

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        That makes sense. Maybe they could release the most damaging raw data.

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        What does that have to do with HardenedBSD?

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          Nothing. I thought I was just supposed to use the “Put on hat” when I wanted. Feel free to take it off if it’s not supposed to be there.

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            Not sure this is officially explained anywhere, but it’s a reference to a colloquial expression—at least colloquial in American English—"with my X hat on", which means something like “speaking in my role as X”. It’s something you’d use to identify that you’re speaking as someone with a particular relationship to the topic of discussion, like it’s a discussion about FreeBSD and you’re a FreeBSD developer. In non-lobste.rs contexts it can also be used for very general, unofficial roles, like in a discussion about academia, you say “replying with my professor hat on, my advice would be…”. But on lobste.rs I think it’s only for specific named projects.

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              Your explanation does get my vote to be officially included somewhere on the official/about pages. As a non native speaker I’ve always wondered about this a bit myself.

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                Gotcha. Sorry for the mistake. I’ll be a bit wiser next time.

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            As far as I remember, we have at least one organization in the Czech Republic that has a map of relationships between some large companies, business owners and politicians.

            I imagine that they would love to see the list of those 260+ subjects, preferably including transaction history and amounts. Might make the upcoming elections a lot more fun.

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            Eh, but I think the entire Iceland thing is a sideshow here. It’s almost as if they ignoring the Big Flashing Marquee and concentrating on the the tiniest furthest least significant corner of it.

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              It is possible that the company just doesn’t deal with citizens of USA.

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                No, US citizens were definitely involved. I saw somewhere (Reddit) that they’re planning on releasing that info but they haven’t yet due to an unspecified reason. Some were speculating that certain finance laws made it more difficult to release information for US citizens (can’t find the source, sorry).

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                    OK, ok. I stand very well corrected.