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Abstract: “This paper presents the design and implementation of Juniper: a functional reactive programming language (FRP) targeting the Arduino and related microcontroller systems. Juniper provides a number of high level features, including parametric polymorphic functions, anonymous functions, automatic memory management, and immutable data structures. Also included is a standard library which offers many useful FRP signal processing functions. Juniper is translated to standard C++ and compiled with the existing Arduino development tools, allowing Juniper programs to fit on resource-constrained devices, and enabling seamless interoperability with existing C++ libraries for these devices.”


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    I have to complain about the choice of name: Juniper is already a very established term in CS/IT, and this name can IMHO only cause un-google’ability.

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      I’m only aware of it as the name of the networking equipment company. I don’t think that’s likely to be confused with the name of a programming language targeting Arduinos. In fact, I think it’s less likely to be a problem than the name clash between “Cisco IOS” and “Apple iOS”.

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      As a follow-up, on the project’s mailing list there’s an email from the author from start of this year titled “Juniper 2018 roadmap”.