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Bug 209158 - node / npm triggering zfs rename deadlock



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    If I had realized that my email would make it to lobste.rs, I may have picked a more boring subject line, and provided more detail in the mail.

    This is a lot less of a problem than it sounds: the deadlock seems relatively rare, and it leaves the rest of the system usable. It doesn’t cause fs corruption either.

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      Who doesn’t love hearing about npm/node causing problems (even if its not npm’s fault in this case.).

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        It’s indeed kind of weird that this is posted here without context. Filesystems should not deadlock, even if Node.js does the oddest things. On the other hand, it’s kind of comforting that deadlocks in the FreeBSD ZFS code are so rare that they only occur in pretty specific mass-rename situations.

        So, what’s the message? ;)

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        I found out the hard way that ZFS isn’t really ready for prime time. I had my array fail and lost all data on it, because there don’t appear to be any diagnostic or repair tools for ZFS. Also, people forget to mention that to add a disk to a ZFS volume you must redo it all from scratch.

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          What OS and version of ZFS? I’ve only had good experiences myself, albeit only with Solaris and FreeBSD (I do plan on installing a ZoL system in the next few months though).

          Yes, adding a new disk isn’t quite as simple as it is with other similar-acting storage systems like Linux md RAID…