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    Since when do you have to love a tool to use it?

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      It’s not a requirement, but it’s nice. I used to love Firefox back in the early Phoenix days. These days, I dread updates to any browser because I know it will come with advertising-related changes I don’t want and/or removal of features that I do.

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      Did anyone else read this and feel like it was complaining that a bigco software did not have sufficient culty behavior around it?

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        Bad headline. I love Firefox even less, but I still try to use it more out of belief.

        There is no perfect browser (for me). They’re both fine in what they do.

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          Google Chrome is the new Internet Explorer 6.02. I hate supporting it, but there is no end in sight in the medium term. I went from 11th grade through becoming a Senior Dev before IE 6.02 dropped off the support matrix for every client.

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            Even though the web browser (Firefox included) is but the newest pillar in our temple of social and economic control, I think the RAM criticisms are unfair. Never really had a problem with Chrome RAM consumption until the spectre/meltdown patches hit, which aren’t really Google’s fault.

            If only Intel had screwed the pooch harder, this pillar may have been successfully disrupted.