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    Is there a list of OStatus/ActivityPub implementations somewhere? I only know of three, but since it has been getting more and more popular recently, it might be nice to what options there are.

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      Here are those I know from the top of my head:

      • GNU Social / PostActiv
      • Pleroma
      • Mastodon
      • Friendica
      • Hubzilla
      • SocialHome
      • (Peertube)
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        There’s GNU MediaGoblin, and Kroeg for an example of someone’s personal-sized implementation

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      The background to this [lobste.rs] post is, I imagine, the recent controversy surrounding the inclusion of Elasticsearch.

      Elasticsearch has been included in the reference Mastodon client as an optional extra to allow better searching. While this is nominally a good thing, and likely used honestly, there exists a subset of users concerned that Elasticsearch has an awful lot of features that now exist alongside search, and help to find trends and produce datamining insights.

      Many people left Twitter to escape that platforms omnipresent analytics and monetisation of users. These same people are concerned that the current direction of Mastodon is moving towards that, even if through honest decisions, by the inclusion of software that enables it.

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        No, that’s quite unrelated to it :)

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          I don’t get that impression at all. I see this post as outlining an alternative to Mastodon for folks who may want a simpler approach to solving the same problem while offering users similar features.

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            I should probably clarify, I mean this being posted specifically to lobste.rs. That said, while Pleroma is a fully featured implementation that existed before the concern of elasticsearch, it’s being touted especially as being free of the concerns recently raised.

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          Anyone using it in a self-hosted raspberry-pi setup? I would be interested by your feedback.

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            I did use it on that, Raspberry 2. Performance wise it’s fine, but you should run the database on a reliable disk (either good/fast flash drive or a normal hd).