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    Piggybacking on this (sorry! please forgive me, I’m in a pickle), as I don’t really know where to post my question: I’m using rust-analyzer in NeoVim via nvim-lspconfig. I’m having frequent problems with my cargo build blocking waiting for a directory lock due to rust-analyzer’s cargo check subprocess taking it IIUC. Does anyone know what magic spell could I use with nvim-lspconfig to workaround this lock contention? I read somewhere it could be avoided by passing CARGO_TARGET_DIR=/tmp to cargo check, but I just don’t seem to be able to understand how to setup this in nvm-lspconfig :( (tried a few ways but unsuccessful)

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      If you have questions about using rust-analyzer, please ask them in the “IDEs and Editors” topic of Rust users forum.

      This is probably a better place to ask (with more knowledgeable people) than here :)

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        Thanks, will try! <3

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      I hope they switch distribution to rustup. Current packaging for everything except VSCode is very poor: completely manual installation, no auto update at all, it’s offered as a bare file, not even marked as executable, and not code signed. Every time I update it I have to convince macOS that it’s not malware to be displayed in TextEdit.

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        Not arguing against better options but simply cloning the repo and building with cargo xtask install --server has worked really well so far. Since you built it yourself you shouldn’t have any issues.

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          The home page directs users straight to the clunky releases, so I didn’t even see building was an option.