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    “Here is a gallery of whimsy and examples of people making life harder for everyone else.”

    Please just use semver and don’t fuck about.

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      At least one of the tools mentioned is an application (Knuth’s), and semver only makes sense within the context of a library. Funnily enough, the versioning schemes for TeX and MetaFont are the direct inspiration for my own application versioning scheme, “goldver”, based on asymptotically approaching phi as new versions are released.

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        I’d love to hear why you feel this way. Without the cursing, though :).

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          Sure. :)

          Quite some time ago I did game development with friends, and one of the nice things about the C/C++ libraries we used was that they pretty well followed semantic versioning. Patch numbers were bugfixes, minor numbers were additions, major numbers meant all bets were off and we really should check the release notes. This made it really, really easy to keep our deps up to date.

          Unfortunately, web development norms seem to be frequently v0.yolo.whatever with no real attempt to provide consistent, reliable APIs. For URL API routes, this is kinda forgivable, but for libraries it really isn’t. In the true fashion of web development, it seems that in some circles (arguably this article included) this lack of rigor is not only tolerated but actively encouraged!

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            I’m pretty sure this article is satire. It’s pretty well written and funny once you realize that.

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              I wish it was satire….

              But I have seen enough heat and steam and no light has been generated on version numbers to say……

              … I settle for a sha256 and be done.

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                (notice the circular definition!)

                What ever happens, not everyone will understand your intentions, possibly your genius will not be recognized within your lifetime

                it’s 100% satire

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                  In $CURRENT_YEAR, I no longer trust anything to be satire.

                  Even things that are satire are held up by people who treat them as good-faith truth.

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                    You’re not deep enough into The Dilbert Zone (cue ominous music).

                    Do you realize the teeth gnashing and meetings caused by hard coding limits on number of digits in version numbers in multiple systems?

                    ie. Meetings caused by running out of numbers.

                    This article isn’t satire… it isn’t nearly ridiculous enough.

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            What do you do when a semver lies?

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              Well, since we know what should be going on, we can flag it and report it for future issues.

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              Speaking of making life harder, what the heck is that font