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    I realize this isn’t much better than a product announcement. But I just find the whole K thing fascinating.

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      The whole array-style of programming is really cool, especially in how fast and “clear” it can be. I once read an interview on a K programmer who said that K programs were incredibly easy to debug, because there were so few instructions it was immediately obvious where the problem was. I’m a little skeptical of that and haven’t been able to find the interview since, though.

      It’s also kinda funny how most of the new array languages coming out were specifically designed for code golf.

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        Years ago I was at the firm mentioned in the article and a colleague who had worked with with Arthur asked me to review some C code of his… He had an extensive set of preprocessor macros that mimicked some of K and it made for an… interesting… experience.

        In the way that folks joke you can write FORTRAN in any language or Dijkstra’s quip that BASIC programmers have been mentally mutilated, this guy wrote K everywhere in everything.

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        release ;)

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