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    Ohhhh, nice! That’s what I was looking for, after being thrown out yet another time with Neomutt and its inability to use multiple accounts like everything else does. But I understand it, as primarily was a Maildir/mbox client

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      If anyone’s interested, here’s my TUI mail client: https://meli.delivery/

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        Niice! Going on my “things-to-replace-mutt” list.

        But please call me again when it gets truly asynchronous (right now it hangs UI on startup when IMAP connection begins, I can’t reliably show/close the ‘?’ shortcuts view) and gets the SMTP support :)

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        Doesn’t seem like it does, at least not yet - https://github.com/soywod/iris.vim/issues/17

        BTW, (Neo)Mutt works just fine with multiple accounts - I’ve been using it with 4-5 accounts for years. Granted, configuration requires one to know Mutt well enough.

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        I thought vim users liked to make fun of the fact that Emacs contains an mail client, but I guess I was wrong…

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          This looks great, I was looking at Mutt the other day but wasn’t sure that much had changed since I last used it. I’ll be checking this out!