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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Wednesday: getting married to the girlfriend(tm).

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      I am building a Gemini Browser with Racket.

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        I wish there was a way to like/star a repo on sourcehut. May be it is in the works.

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          Thanks a lot for the kind words :-)

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        Moving into a new apartment! Dealing with all the messiness that involves. Setting up the new kitchen, hope to start confectionary soon.

        Workwise: lots of writing. “Are we really engineers” mostly, some work on decision tables and PRISM. Finally found a use for that janky old thing!

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          After a couple weeks off, I’m back at the workstation, and picking things back up. I’m settling into a fresh Linux Mint install, newest IntelliJ (getting used to the sidebar commit dialog) and seeing how my code stands up to 2 weeks’ worth of headspace clearing. I guess this week I’ll be mostly assessing the quality of my own comments ))

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            Looking forward to voting in tomorrow’s Florida Primary election. The polling station is two blocks away and I’m mostly going to see how things might actually work in November [1].

            [1] When the Federal level elections happen. You know, voting for Congresscritters and who gets the keys to this one house in Washington, D.C.

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              Yelling at SharePoint.

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                I’m building a Personal Relationship Manager so I can be reminded if it’s been a while since I spoke to someone.

                I have trouble keeping in touch with people I don’t speak to every day so I’m trying to solve this!

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                  I wrote up one a month back. It’s super super helpful!


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                    Thanks, this looks great.

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                      It’s dramatically reduced the time I spend on fb. Sadly I’m now stuck on Twitter.

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                    I love this idea!

                    I suck at it too.

                    You say I can use code to compensate for being a shitty/thoughtless person? :)

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                      I wouldn’t consider it a thoughtless thing. It’s more that you’ve identified a personal weakness, and have decided to put a lot of thought into addressing it (building a personal relationship manager isn’t a thoughtless affair).

                      You’re still putting forth the effort to maintain the relationship, you’re just using a tool to help you remember to do so, not unlike a calendar or a set of cards.

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                    1. I hope to implement [[..]] style links, as well as consider the possibility of supporting Wikipedia style {{..}} templates, in neuron markdown notes.
                    2. Drink coffee, walk around the city, contemplate on life. Just enjoy doing nothing in particular.
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                      Going to design a system that connects pandoc with docutils+sphinx to allow an even larger pool of conversions between document formats.

                      Also continuing to work on a bookmarking browser extension for power-users (one that’s actually usable!)

                      Oh, and maybe do my actual work. We’ll see how it goes.

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                        Last week of the summer before I start teaching fall semester next Monday, so wrapping up some loose research ends and prepping courses. I’m teaching Design & Organization of Programming Languages, which is going to use the new (free) textbook Crafting Interpreters, and Artificial Intelligence, which is going to use a mix of readings and my own course notes in the form of Colab notebooks (hosted Jupyter notebooks).

                        Fortunately, we’re all online, so a bit less stressful than at some other universities. The administration was still claiming we’d be doing hybrid in-person/online classes (using video simulcasting) until about 3 weeks ago, but they gave up on that plan after the District of Columbia government added more restrictions and quarantine rules.

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                          I’ve been learning colemak, typing on it is still really slow, but I’m stumbling less and less.

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                            For me, I’m mostly working, and then taking my wife to get another infusion on Friday.

                            This weekend, I started the Miziziziz game jam. I’ll be working on it off and on this week, with another burst this coming weekend. It’s been fun, and learning more about Godot has been fun as well.

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                              After just over three months at ${DAYJOB}, I’m steering the entire company in a whole new direction both from a technical aspect to personnel organizational structure.

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                                Besides all the usual work stuff, I’ve been learning to make my own jeans. I finally settled on a Kenmore 158 which supports a lot of stitch types to get me most of the way, and am passively hunting down some old industrial Union Specials if I can find them.

                                Wanted to do this forever, and finally got time.

                                Also learning to use Processing.

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                                  I’m going to work on converting a game to a different engine. A couple of months ago, I was trying to make a game in PowerPoint for a game jam and it was not working the way I wanted it to. So, now I’m going to recreate it with Ren’Py.

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                                    Playing lots of Diablo III and Skyrim, working on my nixinfo crate (used for getting system info on *nix such as distro, kernel, cpu, environment, etc) and rsfetch (neofetch alternative in Rust) rewrite, and doing some cleaning up / refactoring of my dotfiles. Just finished cleaning up my Emacs init (it was a complete mess), planning on moving to my bashrc next.

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                                      @work Finishing up work on a PR for a plugin that uses S3 as a backend for OpenGEE. We’re running into some testing issues because we decided the first phase would only read from S3, and we’d copy the data over manually with the AWS CLI. In theory it works (the plugin implements all the interfaces required for reading from S3…), but we’re running into some issues making it actually work.

                                      @home I’m reading Guide to the Geology of Colorado and not doing much.

                                      I’ve been unmotivated and lazy the last week or two, and I’m hoping to snap out of it. TBH, I probably need a vacation, but don’t want to “waste” PTO if I can’t go anywhere…

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                                        Checkout Vue Storefront.

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                                          Organizing my downfall in the post COVID economy.

                                          Also, still adding features to the Ocarina of Time Randomizer Ladder and photographing birds.

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                                            I’m working on a long-term project whose launch got postponed by six months. I use this opportunity to fix some flaws within our small team such as our weird communication and sunset some of the tools we introduced but never really used.

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                                              Done with updating all the books as well as creating web versions for all of them. Starting a book on Ruby one-liners this week.

                                              Reading wise, I’ll probably try Catching Cinders, which is a self-published novel and available on Kindle Unlimited.