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    I’d gladly see this idea compared or contrasted with Source Hut. sr.ht has the advantage of being open-source (compared to some commercial offerings) but I think there is still some area for improvement. For example if there are N Source Hut instances one still needs to create N accounts instead of using only one.

    Another thing is data portability. Currently the data on sr.ht is available through the API but the format is ad-hoc. I wonder if git appraise model of reusing git data would be beneficial here.

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      Furthermore, using E-mail is easier than ActivityPub. For one, the developer will need to implement ActivityPub which requires a lot of boilerplate, a public domain to do integration testing, and understanding of new or still-evolving specifications. On the other hand, the developer will just need to call into an existing E-mail library. No need to re-implement E-mail.

      From my own experience, working with email is nightmare in every step of the process:

      • Setting your own mail server is complicated.
      • Dealing with spam is complicated.
      • You have to check whether you are on the many global blacklists. This sadly happens from time to time.
      • Email libraries may be “mature with many open source libraries”, but they mostly suck.
      • Mail as a format is horrible. If you ever tried to parse email conference, you know what I mean. Different programs use different headers, some don’t use them at all, other use them in some grotesque perverted way.
      • Email can get lost. It can be thrown away simply because ptr record in domain changes, or because receiving server doesn’t feel like it.

      And that’s all just transport protocol, you still have to implement all the federated stuff on top of it.

      The drawback with E-mail is that the Git tool is intimidating and not easy to use. However, with proper education, people will pick up on it and begin to use it more.

      This I find highly improbable.

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        Kinda like Fossil already is?

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          For a very broad definition of kinda, then probably.