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    This is a really fascinating write-up - especially how the footnote about their ngram index design and how regular trigrams weren’t quite performant enough for their particular application: https://github.blog/2023-02-06-the-technology-behind-githubs-new-code-search/#fn-69904-bignote

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      Hello Lobsters! Thanks for sharing this. I work on this product, happy to answer questions about it or the blog post.

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        I couldn’t quite grasp the algorithm for the sparse grams—the chester example seemed to break down into trigrams, and I wasn’t clear on why hes was selected while ste wasn’t. I suspect you could make a post just on this topic, though. :-)

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        Bitbucket’s code search is also implemented using Rust.

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          Interesting! Are there any details about it on the web?

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            Don’t think there’s much public, sadly. Indexing uses syntect. SQS is used for queuing the jobs. The search is mostly powered by Elasticsearch with some custom analysers.