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      I wish the Zoom API would support external mute buttons, though.

      Going the route of sending key presses feels like a hack, to me.

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        If you can set your own somewhat unique shortcut, it’s really not that hacky.

        That’s just what you need to do when you make your custom things.

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          Not everyone runs Zoom from a desktop or a mobile phone. Many people use dedicated hardware. Without an API from Zoom, making physical mute buttons, or ie. voice activated mute/unmute systems for disabled people, is hard.

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      This is a great walkthrough and a fun hobby but I just use the hardware mute on my mic.

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      I wanted a hardware mute button, and then I realised that I already have a remote button - my presentation remote. That has a button that sends a Tab. So I wrote a ten line app that converts Tab presses into system microphone mute toggles.

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        Writing Makefiles must be a sonic adventure.

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        What do you do if you write text while being on a call and need to use Tab?

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          Normal people don’t type tab in a chat.

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      The colors are all wrong. Red is for dangerous, not for “safe, you are muted.”

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        Yeah. “Red means recording”

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        I think it’s just from “standard” table-top speakerphones where red lights indicate mute.

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      That reminds me: I still haven’t assembled a foot pedal for push-to-talk in games like Overwatch.

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      I have one of these that I lugged home on the city bus the last time I was in my office: https://meetingdevices.withgoogle.com/products/5504/acer-chromebase-for-google-meet

      After a few months I used an Adafruit Trinket that I had lying around, a random momentary push button and a resistor to build a keyboard that just sends a ctrl-D press, which is the shortcut for muting the mic. I didn’t implement button debouncing so it’s a little unreliable but I’ve never gotten around to fixing it.

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      improves producitvity

      Man, you are sitting in the meeting. So what producitvity?

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        What, you don’t agree with the classification of Word, Excel and PowerPoint as “productivity applications”? What kind of raging socialist are you?! /s