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Who’s hiring for fellow lobsters?

Attached is a template that could be helpful

**Company:** XXXXXX
**Company site:** XXXXX
**Position(s):** XXXXXX
**Location:** XXXXXX

**Description:** XXXX

**Contact:** XXXXXX
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      I figured since we’re having this today (and, I like these posts) I would post the inverse “Who wants to be hired?” thread.

      I will admit upfront that the thread is blatantly self-serving, because I’m interested in new work myself, but hopefully it can be valuable to others, too.

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      Company: Near Earth Autonomy

      Company site: https://www.nearearth.aero/

      Position(s): Software Engineering Lead , Software Engineer, Robotics Engineer

      Location: Pittsburgh, PA USA. No remote currently, unfortunately.

      Description: Near Earth Autonomy’s basic goal is simple: Create a device that can be attached to an existing aircraft, whether a small drone or a full-sized helicopter or airplane, that enables it to fly itself. Not just what existing autopilots do, which is basically just following waypoints or flying high enough there are no obstacles, but allow a user to say “Go to place X and land there” with no prior knowledge, and have a low-flying aircraft able to see and avoid obstructions such as trees and buildings, find a landing site that is safe, and deal with unfriendly conditions like high wind or poor visibility. Current projects include mapping/surveying, GPS-free operation (operating indoors, underground, etc), and autonomous cargo transport on land and at sea.

      I’ve been there a couple months and it’s pretty rad, the company is small (~70 people) and very engineering-driven. We’re growing fast though, and to help with that we really need more people who are experienced with software engineering, not just those who are experts at perception or robotics or another deep-but-narrow field.

      Tech: Lots of Linux, Python, C++, ROS, and embedded systems if that’s your bag.

      Contact: Message me on Lobsters if you want more info.

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      Company: Bitnomial

      Company site: https://bitnomial.com

      Position(s): Software engineer, operations engineer

      Location: Chicago, IL No remote unfortunately

      Description: We’re building a Bitcoin derivatives exchange all written in Haskell. We use ansible and terraform for our operations automation. Trading industry experience is a plus.

      Contact: careers@bitnomial.com

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        Check out some of our open source projects at https://github.com/bitnomial

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      Company: Fudo Security

      Company site: https://fudosecurity.com


      • QA Engineer

      • Python Developer

      • Javascript Developer

      Location: Warsaw, Poland


      Fudo creates a PAM (privilege access management) solution. Essentially a security appliance you put on-site on your network to manage ssh, rdp, sql etc. access to various company resources.

      The product is FreeBSD based and built from the ground up, expect lots of networking & infosec. The main product is composed of privsep’ed , sandboxed C daemons, the management interface of the product is a web interface. We are currently looking for mid-senior level Python developers to work with our Django stack (we are migrating to the latest version and heavily extending our use of the Django Rest Framework) and mid-senior Javascript/UX developers to keep growing our AngularJS front-end. We are also looking for QA Engineers with solid networking and infosec experience - you can expect to automate tests in Python and work with Jenkins as the basis of our CI/CD pipeline.

      Contact: You can pass a CV via me or email it to hr@fudosecurity.com. You can also shoot some questions at me :)

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        I’d consider applying if they hired US-based telecommuters and migrated to HardenedBSD. ;P

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          You can do what I did. Join and then migrate people to OpenBSD while management is having fun at AsiaBSDCon ^^

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            But I prefer grsecurity’s methodologies, not OpenBSD’s. ;P

            Anyways, I’m glad to see another company running at least one of the BSDs. I wanna see BSD take over the entire world. Slim to none chance. But one can dream, right? ;)

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      Company: Amazon AWS, Elastic Filesystem Service
      Company site: https://aws.amazon.com/
      Position(s): We're hiring "Devops" infrastructure as code peeps for the region build team and Software Development Engineers.
      Location: EFS is located in Boston. Our office is in the Seaport district a couple blocks out of south station.
      Description: Don't believe the hype. Working at AWS, at least for the EFS team, is super intense but equally rewarding and gratifying. The compensation is great and the work is fascinating.
      Contact: Drop me your resume at cpatti at amazon.com or private message me here if you have questions.
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        SDEs all over the place

        Does this mean remote? If not, can you give some idea of what countries / regions / cities have openings?

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          Nope. Boston. Sorry. I’ll edit that for clarity. Specifically - EFS is in Boston. AWS has jobs… everywhere :)

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      Company: SmartThings (Technically Kinda Samsung)
      Company site: https://smartthings.com

      Location: Minneapolis, MN (Also some other stuff in Mountain View, CA)
      SmartThings is home automation platform that uses a cloud-connected hub to control (and be controlled by) both local (Zigbee, Z-Wave, LAN) and Cloud-Connected (Alexa, Ring, etc.) devices. Our biggest claim to fame is that we’re an open platform, anyone can write Device Handlers to support almost any device¹ or SmartApps for completely custom automations.
      Contact: You can ask me questions via PM or email, the two positions I directly linked are on the same team as me, but the same sub-team, so I know some, but might not have an answer for everything.

      ¹: There’s some limitations and/or workarounds required these days, but part of the reason we’re hiring is because we’re stretched a bit thin trying to fix this.

      Edit: I’m not sure why the Zigbee/Z-Wave listing says “Preferably Java/Groovy” in the requirements, I think that’s a copy-paste error. I’m pretty sure you’d be mostly working on our C/Rust hub application. Edit2: Actually, I’m not sure about that, I shouldn’t say that.

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        On-site only?

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          Unfortunately, probably so. We have a couple people who have gone remote, but I don’t think we’ve hired anyone to start remote. I really don’t know why.

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      Kind of silly with less than 10 job posts, but I wrote a small script to search the listings via the top-level comment box (or using query("search term") in the console:

      javascript:void((()=>{const e=[...document.querySelectorAll("ol.comments > li > div")].slice(1),t=e=>{e.closest("li").style.display="none"},l=e=>{e.closest("li").style.display=null};window.query=(n=>{n&&n.target&&(n=n.target.value),n?(n=n.test?n:new RegExp(n.toString(),"i"),e.filter(e=>!n.test(e.innerText)).forEach(t)):e.forEach(l)}),document.getElementById("comment").onkeyup=window.query})())

      To use it, just highlight the above code and drag it into your bookmarks to make a bookmarklet (I named it lobsearch). Click the bookmarklet and then enter your search term in the topmost comment box - the one for commenting on the story itself. Top level comments not matching your query will be hidden.

      Note that this will only search top level comments. You can also use regular expressions in console by calling the query function: query(/apple|facebook/i).

      source here

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      Company: Lightspeed

      Company site: https://www.lightspeedhq.com


      Location: Montreal, Amsterdam

      Description: We’re a POS company, buildling solutions for SMEs to power their retail, restaurant, e-commerce and loyalty needs. Our main belief is that small and medium sized businesses are what makes cities special, and we want to help them compete with larger enterprises. We’ve got lots of challenges to tackle right now, and there are already a few lobsters working here.

      Contact: Feel free to ping me directly, or apply online: https://www.lightspeedhq.com/careers

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      Company: thoughtbot

      Company site: https://thoughtbot.com

      Position(s): Lots! iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, Elixr/Phoenix, Front-End/UX/Product Designer

      Location: Boston, Raleigh, SF, New York, Austin, London


      We’re a consultancy making digital products. We believe there is always a better way to do our work, and we want to find it and share it with as many people as possible.

      We strive for few job titles, few departments, and few hierarchies. We prefer composition of roles necessary for projects and company objectives over inheritance of bosses and direct reports. We are at thoughtbot primarily for our design and development skill, and want to apply it, rather than creating company overhead. Check out our /purpose.

      Contact: You can DM or email me or visit thoughtbot.workable.com

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      Company: PromptWorks

      Company site: https://www.promptworks.com/

      Full Time Positions

      • Director of Engineering
      • Senior React Native Engineer
      • Senior Software Engineer
      • Senior UX Designer
      • Software Engineer

      Contract Positions

      • Contract Software Engineer (mostly Ruby, Python, React, React Native, iOS)

      Location: Philadelphia. On-site most days at our center city office.

      Description: We are a development shop that focuses on software craftsmanship. Our calling is to help companies create amazing, intuitive web & mobile applications, APIs, products, and services.

      Pair programming, continuous integration & delivery, kaizen, and TDD/BDD aren’t just ideas we pay lip service to, but core practices of our day-to-day work.

      We love polyglots. We use lots of Ruby, Python, Elixir and JavaScript (mostly React and React-Native).

      Contact: mike@promptworks.com, but @nicholaides on Philly Dev Slack is better.

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      Company: Square

      Company site: https://squareup.com

      Position(s): iOS, Android, Build & Release, Engineering Manager

      Location: San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Oakland (2020), Toronto, or remote for the right skillset

      Description: we have lots of roles available on Point of Sale Platform. We are five teams who build shared functionality for Square’s iOS and Android Point of Sale apps (5 and counting), SDKs and custom Android devices. We run mobile CI with an extensive set of UI tests. We build libraries to facilitate easier state management in large apps, and consistent UI. We ship the shared checkout flow functionality that drives a lot of the company’s revenues, and we build hardware integrations for custom peripherals as well as third part peripherals like printers. Many roles available! Good opportunities for open source.

      Keywords: Kotlin, Swift, cocoapods, XCode, bazel, gradle, usb, Bluetooth/BLE, Espresso, KIF, workflows, UIKit, observability for mobile, Mac SRE, etc.

      Contact: carden@squareup.com

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        Does “remote for the right skill set” imply that you hire the wrong skill set locally?

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          Not on purpose. I should have just said experience.

          I mean we would hire someone who has experience working remotely, but we’re unlikely to give someone their first remote role without them working in one of our offices first. Does that make more sense?

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      Company: Indigo Agriculture

      Company site: https://www.indigoag.com/

      Position(s): Software engineer (API, UI, Data science engineering), Data scientist, computational biologist

      Location: Boston, MA or Remote

      Description: We’re the fastest growing unicorn you’ve never heard of [0].

      Indigo is revolutionizing agtech by offering better crops to farmers through technology. Agtech is one of the most underhyped technology trends [1] and we’re serving a multi-trillion dollar marketplace services industry [2].

      We’re growing so fast that we have to add 35-50 engineers in 2019. Back-end, front-end, devops, data science; you name it, we need the help (including PM and UX roles - see all of them here: https://www.indigoag.com/join-us ).

      Our tech stack includes AWS, Docker, Kubernetes (DevOps), Postgres (DB), Node & GraphQL (back-end), React & Apollo (front-end), and Python (data science / comp bio).

      We also offer incredible perks. Free lunch (a rarity in Boston), massive commuter benefits (both MBTA and bicycling), fitness reimbursement, ample vacation; we really focus on and believe in both health and sustainability.

      [0] https://www.builtinboston.com/2017/09/26/agtech-startup-indigo-boston-tech-unicorn

      [1] http://stateofstartups.firstround.com/2018/#trends-and-takes

      [2] https://andrewchen.co/how-marketplaces-will-reinvent-the-service-economy/

      Contact: aconrad@indigoag.com

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        This drone image on the website makes me think of the situation at the beginning of the Interstellar movie where drones are involved in agriculture.

        I’m glad this works well for you! Rather than over-feeding plants, pay attention to them and see what they really need to grow, which might reveal closer to a balanced and natural environment rather than a ton of nutrient input and no neighbors…

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      Company: Federal Foundry

      Company Site: https://federal-foundry.com/

      Position: Software Developer (or Engineer if you prefer that title)

      Location: Arlington, VA / Remote

      Description: Federal Foundry is a new startup aiming to match government grants to contractors. This is kind of a black box at the moment, and we are aiming to help make government services better by eliminating the confusion and cruft of old. If you want to help in this cause (and are a US Citizen who can get basic clearance), this might be for you.

      We’re looking for someone who can work across the stack (Node JS, Python, React, PostgreSQL, AWS) . I need someone who can collaborate with me and give some feedback/brainstorming, not just a code monkey. I don’t expect this person to have expertise in all of these areas (or even any in particular), but the ability to pick things up as you go is important. Previous experience in a startup environment would be helpful, but is not required.

      Remote candidates are acceptable if they have some remote experience. I am fully remote in Richmond, VA, but will be making trips to Arlington, VA as needed. Travel to Arlington, VA is not mandatory, but if you’re a local candidate, you’ll have a leg up.

      Salary details: Up to $80k (+ benefits)

      Contact: nick [at] federal-foundry.com or you can send me a direct message here on Lobste.rs

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      Company: Stream Site: https://getstream.io/ Position: Various (https://angel.co/stream/jobs, if you’re awesome at your job we can also see if there is room to create a position that fits your skills) Location: Amsterdam or Boulder Description: We provide activity feed and chat tech for some of the world’s largest apps. Vision here is that apps are more reliable, more secure, and faster to launch if you don’t built everything from scratch. Contact: tommaso@getstream.io for Amsterdam or thierry@getstream.io for Boulder

      1. Chat tutorial: https://getstream.io/chat/get_started/ (nice example of how we like to polish the developer experience)
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      Company: Rover

      Company site: https://www.rover.io/

      Position(s): Senior (or possibly intermediate) Android developer. (We are also looking for an intermediate backend engineer)

      Location: Downtown Toronto, Canada. Primarily onsite, with one or two days of remote a week.

      Description: Our product is a design tool that allows a designer to build visual content in a manner somewhat evocative of Sketch, and then we have mobile SDKs (Android and iOS) that can render all of that natively (not with a WebView!). We also offer a simple marketing automation product meant to compliment it by delivering those designed experiences as part of marketing campaigns. Here is a video of it in action: Building Rover Experiences - YouTube

      Most of our clients are major sports teams, primarily in the NHL, NFL, NBA, and a few others, but we aren’t specifically a sports product.

      Our backend tech stack is mostly microservices, powered by Kubernetes, Go, Node, Mongo, Postgres, GRPC, Redux, and GraphQL and a few other things.

      Process is a fairly light-touch agile process. Engineers experience a minimum of meetings (once a week, less than an hour).

      We’re looking for someone to be primarily responsible for the Android SDK going forward.

      You can look at the SDK codebase you’d be working on here: https://github.com/RoverPlatform/rover-android . It’s pure Kotlin with lots of Reactive-style code. GitHub shows it as being Java only because of a third party library we had to shade into the repository to avoid introducing a transitive dependency.

      Package includes:

      • New workstation, Apple-flavoured: Your choice of either an MBP (with a 5K LG panel) or an iMac typically, Steelcase chair, and a standing desk;
      • Conference reimbursement;
      • and a benefits package.

      Contact: Please drop me a line at [andrew@rover.io].

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      Company: Permutive

      Company site: http://permutive.com/


      • Mobile Engineer (iOS)
      • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (multiple positions)
      • Software Engineer (Scala) (multiple positions)
      • Research Engineer (Haskell) (multiple positions)
      • Community/Open Source Engineer (Scala) (multiple positions)
      • Sales Engineer

      Location: London

      Description: “We’re a B2B SaaS company building the data platform and tools for a world with a trillion edge devices. We have product–market fit and customers that love us, and we’re growing rapidly in Europe and the US. We raised a $10M Series A at the beginning of the year and have received funding from some of the world’s best investors, including Y Combinator. We’re currently >40 people based in our offices, close to Old Street/Clerkenwell in London.”

      Tech: Scala, Haskell, Elm, TypeScript, WebAssembly, Swift, Kotlin, k8s, terraform, Google Cloud

      Contact: Drop me an email at joe.pettersson at permutive.com

      1. 2

        This reads as interesting, but you might want to be upfront about the fact that it’s adtech? Took me a uBlock-ed company site to notice.

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      Company: LeanTaaS

      Company site: https://leantaas.com/

      Position(s): Python and Java backend engineers, data scientists, data engineers, Angular frontend engineers and QA engineers.

      Location: Santa Clara, CA and Charlotte, NC. Most positions can be filled in either office.

      Description: LeanTaaS is a fast growing healthcare predictive analytics company that uses sophisticated math and lean principles to make healthcare providers more efficient. tl;dr we optimize doctor schedules

      Contact: Apply at https://leantaas.com/about/careers/ and if you have any questions you can reach me at david.g@leantaas.com

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      Company: Azavea, Inc.
      Company site: https://careers.azavea.com
      Position(s): DevOps/Operations Engineer
      Location: Philadelphia, PA

      We are a software development firm that applies geospatial technology for positive civic, social, and environmental impact. We have about 50-60 employees and we are a Benefit Corporation.

      For this role, we’re looking for engineers interested in managing the availability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of our infrastructure (almost all on AWS).

      Contact: hcastro@azavea.com

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      Company: Learnk8s

      Company site: https://learnk8s.io

      Position(s): Typescript engineer, Kubernetes instructor

      Location: London, Singapore, Remote

      Description: We’re looking for individuals that excel in writing automation in Typescript as well as experts in Kubernetes with a passion for teaching

      Contact: hello@learnk8s.io

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      Company: Flipp

      Position: Data Engineering

      Location: Toronto, west of downtown (Etobicoke)

      Description: My team is responsible for the collection and delivery of Flipp’s user data; we manage our Kafka infrastructure, which includes not just (Confluent) Kafka and Zookeeper, but also a host of internal applications to route and summarize our data. The roles we have available would include applications development, in Scala; some operations – we’re heavily into Terraform, and are looking at Kubernetes; and some data analysis, primarily with Spark. Not that any one role would necessarily do all three; but we do some of each every day, in service of our mandate to make sure the business can make decisions backed up by real data.

      Flipp is a great place to work, and our team is doing some really interesting stuff. We’re currently five and looking to grow, because we have more work than we can realistically get done.

      Contact: You can hit me up at my work email, or PM me here.

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      Company: Safe Banking Systems

      Company site: https://www.safe-banking.com/

      (Please ignore the careers section of our website, we’re in the middle of migrating to our parent company’s new system, I’ll update later with links)

      Position(s): Dev, QA/Automation, DevOps, Operations, Research Lead (Machine Learning), No Remote (maybe someday)

      Location(s): Dev/QA/Devops/Ops in Kennesaw GA, Research Lead in NYC

      Description: We provide an Enterprise KYC (Know Your Customer) platform, essentially we match company and people records across systems and figure out who is who. Our products are used by some of the largest banks in the US which means that while our platform is typically hosted/cloud based, we also sell on-site or hybrid solutions when necessary. We’re primarily a .NET stack company with a lot of F# and TypeScript code, but still a bit of C++, C#, plain JS, Python and Java floating around, multi-lingual and FP experience definitely preferred. We’re growing fast and are looking for people across the management and tech experience spectrum.

      Contact: richard.minerich@safe-banking.com

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      Company: Nautilus Labs

      Company site: https://nautiluslabs.co/

      Position(s): Software Engineer, Data Scientist

      Location: New York, NY

      Description: We ingest high frequency data from ships and build performance models to improve the efficiency of operations and business.

      Contact: Message me here

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      Company: Systems and Technology Research

      Company site: http://stresearch.com

      Position: Lots of fun software stuff – from algorithms to data engineering to computer vision to basically anything that’s not a webapp

      Location: Woburn, MA (a little north of Boston)

      Description: We solve hard problems, usually (but not always) for the government. We’re not some stodgy defense contractor but rather teams of engineers, mathematicians and software engineers that get things done and actually deliver product. Some examples of the types of projects we work on are counter-botnet botnets and programming language research to improve security.

      We’re particularly looking to hire software engineers that are well-versed in modern development and deployment practices (e.g., AWS, GCP, big-ish data). Feel free to apply through the website or through a PM to me – if the former, please mention lobste.rs!

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      Company: We Also Walk Dogs, Inc.

      Company site: https://actionkit.com/

      Position(s): Operations-focused Python developer

      Location: Anywhere (remote only)

      Us: We’re a small company that’s spent over a decade supporting charities and progressive organizations. Our product, ActionKit, is used by multiple Democratic presidential campaigns and by groups like MoveOn.org and the ACLU.

      The role: We always want generalists, but right now our focus is on our tools and deployment on AWS. We have a high uptime and frequent release cadence to maintain, and want to smooth our release process, upgrade parts of our stack, increase automation, and so on. You should not expect to be locked away in an ops silo: for example, developers do releases, diagnose production problems, and do other operational work now.

      What we use: Familiarity with Linux, Django, MySQL and Ansible is helpful, as is knowledge of AWS features and patterns like VPCs, ALBs, SQS, ASGs, multi-zone deployments, and so on. We’ll factor in your experience with other tools in the same categories, e.g. Rails, Postgres, Chef, or Azure.

      Of note: We offer competitive salaries, flexible hours and location, and four weeks paid time off (and we encourage you to actually take vacation). There is a free, great health insurance policy and a 401(k) plan. We are not much for bureaucratic divisions: the boss codes; the project manager gives sales demos; most everyone, including you, does a shift of at least a few hours each week answering our clients’ support tickets.

      Contact: jobs@wawd.com

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      Company: Stripe

      Company site: https://stripe.com/ || https://stripe.com/jobs/search

      Full Time Positions:


      • Customer Engineer Manager APAC: Singapore
      • Integration Engineer: Singapore, Remote North America, San Francisco, New York
      • Security Ecosystem Analyst: San Francisco


      Integration Engineer

      • Confident and comfortable with customers. We’re expecting to see user facing roles in your past or present.
      • A strong technical generalist. Many of us were engineers in prior jobs.
      • Comfortable with code-level debugging (Stripe code and user code)
      • Empathetic, collaborative, communicative, consultative
      • Intellectually curious, with great problem solving skills

      Security Ecosystem Analyst

      • Have hands-on experience evaluating, implementing, and managing, information management, asset management, data classification, and vulnerability resolution tooling
      • Have experience managing and conducting audit readiness assessments within AWS (or similar) cloud security and infrastructure
      • Are an expert with assessing the configuration and implementation of security tools, related to network security, endpoint security, encryption technology, vulnerability scans, access controls, etc.
      • Have experience with PCI and SOC compliance programs as well as their technical and security requirements
      • Have experience in security standards such as ISO 27001, 27002, 27005; NIST, COBIT, ITIL
      • Are well versed with conducting technical and information security activities i.e security education; document and material classification and control and records management. This includes overseeing company (Stripe’s) security awareness program including Security assessment and ongoing education

      contact: dalan+lobsters-q2y19@stripe.com

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      Company: Teraki Company site: http://teraki.com Position(s): API-oriented backend dev, Data Scientist, QA intern, Video-stuff developer and many more Location: Berlin

      Description: We do data compression on cars using Machine Learning. Have you watched Silicon Valley? Same stuff as in the first 3 seasons, but on cars.

      Contact: Apply here: https://teraki.com/jobs/