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      By coincidence, I just exactly finished migrating a huge codebase from .NET Framework to .NET Core and got the front end running natively in linux today.

      Having it run in linux is SO nice. My dev machine runs arch linux with Windows in a qemu VM, and the Windows VM runs builds and uses IIS for hosting.

      However the Windows VM also sucks up a heap of memory and occasionally CPU cycles. So being able to leave it off is very very nice.

      I code in vim, using OmniSharp-vim for C# language services. I actually could already do this with the .NET Framework codebase, using mono. So dropping the mono requirement is nice but doesn’t make much difference to me.

      The BIG thing that I’m stoked about is that I can now debug in Vim, using vimspector with the Samsung netcoredbg DAP adapter. It works really really well. Debugging is the only reason I ever use Visual Studio any more and I’m so happy to be able to do more of that in vim. Visual Studio is a great debugger and I expect I’ll still use it for “heavy” debugging.

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        Thank you for sharing about Vimspector and Samsung netcoredbg DAP adapter. I’ll have to make time to investigate those. Debugging and Intellisense are the two main things that keep me using VS Code on Linux.

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          I’m not entirely sure what the state of Microsoft debugger licensing is, but the initial reason for looking into the Samsung netcoredbg adapter was due to this issue, where the MS debugger license said you were only allowed to use it in Visual Studio or VSCode. JetBrains made their own debugger in response to this and I suspect Samsung also made this debugger for the same reason.

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        any particular reason you still use IIS for hosting?

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          I’ve been using it for hosting .NET Framework stuff as it was what we’ve traditionally used in the company and it’s easier for me to work cooperatively with the team when my environment is not too drastically different from others’.

          However my new setup with .NET Core is running its own Kestrel server with dotnet start which is way easier and lighter.

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      My work environment is going to improve so much when we move from .NET Framework to .NET Core for new code. I already do most C# development in Emacs, but I have to rely on VS to do so much project management and debugging.