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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Absolutely nothing

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      Moving a machine from Caddy to OpenBSD’s httpd. Having fun, but as simplified as httpd is I still hit a few confusing issues. Lucas’s Httpd & Relayd Mastery has been a useful source of extra documentation.

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        What made you want to leave Caddy?

        1. 3

          Primarily the fun to playing with something new. I’m doing it now because recent versions of Caddy have an issue with using a local CA on OpenBSD that I can’t be bothered diagnosing. 😁

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      Trying my hand at contributing to an open source repo that is missing a feature I use heavily (code formatting from an lsp) in f#.

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      I’ve decided to dive deeper into the tools I use. Currently on Nix

    5. 2

      Will continue to work on my hobby project RuES. I have to say I am getting used to Rust, its like having a code reviewer with me who just stops me in place if I do something stupid. My next features are to add date parsing and formatting functions, and Geo functions I have a smaller list but I want to make sure things are performant and they work first before I start extending the list.

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      Working on a series of Observable notebooks on parsing with regular expressions. I feel it’s time I put some effort in sharing what I’ve been tinkering with.

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        Parsing with regular expressions :O

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          I know, but it’s a bit of an exercise in finding a compact set of primitives to get from 0 (regexes) to 100 (AST), and I’m also curious about the speed.

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      Drilling a hole in my desk to install a monitor arm. Hopefully this wood is solid and not honeycomb.

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      Playing with IoT, verneMQ and some ESP32 boards.

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      Trying to read up more on wifi 6, wifi mesh or getting a switch is the best option for me.

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      Playing with libp2p

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      At the cottage with family and significant others. Playing some golf on the lake and mostly wasting time. I’m hoping to write a bit and clean up some code as well.

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      Working on some various basic bootloader programs to discover that space a bit better. A text editor, maybe a clone of that snake-in-a-tweet bootloader program, etc.

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      Wrapping up my winter break and getting my vtuber setup working.