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    I love ncdu.

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      du just doesn’t cut it for me. Unless I have time and remember how to use sort correctly.

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      I end up using ncdu a lot in practice, and it solves my problems.

      I used to use a TreeMap program (on Windows) called SpaceMonger, which was both pretty and useful. I always wanted something like that on Linux. There are dozens of similar programs, but somehow the visualization was not as good.

      ncdu doesn’t really visualize much, but the key it is that it’s fast enough and shows enough to get the job done quickly (identify the very few big files you should delete).

      Somewhat of a tangent, if I ever get around to writing a visual version of ncdu, I would now use flame graphs and not treemaps:


      I mentioned this in another comment: treemaps are really hard to get right from the user perspective. The preponderance of programs that are “not as good as SpaceMonger” shows this. I think that flame graphs will work perfectly for this. But admittedly I haven’t tried it yet.

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        I’ve thought about using flamegraphs for it before too, Brendan has an interesting post where he tried it and it seems to be a decent way to visualise it - http://www.brendangregg.com/blog/2017-02-05/file-system-flame-graph.html

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          I find duviz (which was linked to in a comment on this blog post) really helpful as well!

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        This link made my day.