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    Flymake has been completely redesigned

    This should be interesting: I’ve heard that it now doesn’t have to re-parse the whole buffer (which is the same thing that flycheck does?), but intends to speed things up by only working on regioms, afaik. I was playing around with RC1 a few days ago, and I didn’t manage to set it up properly, I would be interested to see if this surpasses flycheck, and maybe even avoids the annoying “feature” that mistakes are only shown after a file has been saved (depending on the back end, of course).

    Support for optional display of line numbers in the buffer

    This is supposed to be very quick, and from what I’ve seen it’s true (+ resizing the text in a buffer with line numbers works properly now), but what I’ve found “annoying” or at least something one has to get used to, is that it looks like the line numbers are parts of the buffer. I hope themes will be able to remedy this…

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      So elisp is getting green threads, interesting. Wonder if that’s the end goal or are there plans for transition to native threads?