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    For the longest time I’ve been wondering what happened to the On The Metal podcast hosted by the folks at Oxide. It turns out they’ve decided to discontinue the podcast, and started a Twitter Spaces thingy as a successor. I have no idea what Twitter Spaces are, but they’ve been recording it and publishing it in a podcast format linked above. It seems like it’s worth a listen!

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      Thanks for submitting this! I’m (obviously) biased, but we’ve had a bunch of really interesting conversations with fascinating folks going to great technical depth. A sampling of my favorites:

      Honestly, that’s just a sampling – there’s a bunch more where that come from. And best of all, folks can join us live – and we have a really interesting Space tomorrow with Jon Masters!

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        On the Metal kind of reinvigorated a healthy lifestyle for myself. It made me enjoy podcasts again, then because I wanted to figure out ways to listen without just sitting on the couch that resulted in going on hour long walks in the evening, and I’ve been keeping that up.

        Thanks for everything! Looking forward to checking out Oxide and Friends too.

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          Wow, that’s great to hear! With Oxide and Friends, your walks may get longer – we try to keep it to an hour, but I would imagine that the median length is about 90 minutes. Enjoy the podcast – and the walk!

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          Nice! As I’ve just discovered these recordings, I have quite a backlog to go through — might as well start with these. :)

          Thanks for making the podcasts! I enjoyed On The Metal immensely, and I can’t imagine Oxide & Friends being any different.

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          Thanks for doing this, I really loved On The Metal and was sad I never saw any more episodes.

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            I think what’s confusing is that there are Twitter Spaces (which I didn’t know anything about as well, since I usually just use something called “nitter” to view an occasional tweet). I actually found the podcast material on YouTube of all places. I also see that the “Oxide and Friends” podcast has the same episode titles as the YouTube videos but seems a bit behind.

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            I was listening to an episode of The Changelog with @bcantrill on the plane home earlier, which also reminded me the twitter spaces they do are a thing. Didn’t realise they were also available as podcast feeds though, useful!