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Hi lobste.rs,

Apologies for a one-time spam to promote a lobste.rs clone for alternative economies & social innovation. Some people here expressed interest, and when it gets going it might be a nice addition to your daily reading.

‘Social innovation’ is a broad, poorly defined term but at its core is about organisations that work for social good instead of financial profit. Conversations inevitably overflow into peripheral and larger subjects like re-imagining ingrained social and economic structures, de-emphasing money in daily life, more holistic ways to live and work, regaining understanding of community, and the practicalities of living and working together in very new (or very old) ways, and I hope all these things will get posted and discussed on aesi.news.

It’s at https://aesi.news , if you want an invite it’s the same as lobste.rs - contact an existing member or use the Request Invitation feature.

And I know this is OT, so I won’t be offended if y'all feel the need to downvote this ;)



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    Might be a good idea to change your favicon also, it’s a bit confusing seeing two Lobsters tabs in my browser.

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      The L in the upperhand corner also probably needs some love.

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        Chucked some other random favicon in there for now, pending some better graphics. Will fix the L too!

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        Thanks for sharing. I just asked an invitation :-)

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          IMMHO, go for meta/finance/culture for your tags on this post.

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            also the show tag, right?