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    Some initial thoughts: this is similar to jq, which I use almost daily: https://stedolan.github.io/jq/

    The interactive mode and autocomplete is pretty neat, as is the ability to mixin some javascript libraries. Thanks for submitting.

    I hate to be that person that complains about the format of the article, but I get a little confused between the images of the tool in action and the animated images. I found myself re-reading to see if the animated graphs were in some way generated by fx.

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      Animated gifs just for fun, but yes, maybe they disturbing from artichle.

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      Thanks for making fx! I use it + fzf for inspecting Mozilla’s CI configuration, I recently made a screecast about this workflow here (disclaimer: I didn’t dig into fx very far, so there are probably a lot of things I said in there that are wrong.. my apologies in advance).