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    I’m wondering, how teams are using this kind of tools to deploy? I have a question that constantly tear myself in multiple parts, who/from where/how the deployment should be done?


    • Everybody
    • Some people (engineer having enough knowldge)


    • Triggered by ssh/chatbot/jenkins/…
    • Someone change the deployment scripts to take the new artifact to deploy, run it, check everything’s okay and commit+push
    • Someone change the deployment scripts, commit+push that triggers a new deploy…


    • From their laptop with VPN access
    • From a node
    • From the machine

    I’m often reading articles on the tools, but rarely from the workflow, and if I ever happen to find some talking about the workflow, it’s often very evasive and very sparse… I can see up and downs to all each of the answers (and there are way more answers than what I just written), but I still can find experiences from people to prioritize our tests on this. For now we’re doing, some people, from the machine, with some scripts that we push when working.