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Freenode has been having some trouble with spam. We made #lobsters +r until they can sort it out on their end. Please excuse the inconvenience.


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    As well as the link above, if you are affected by +r in the channel, please have a look at our registration FAQ, which makes the above mode irrelevant to you, allowing you to talk past it: https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration

    As always, apologies for the issues we have right now, and we have a number of our volunteers working hard to deal with it.

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      No apologies needed. Dealing with such an irritating and sadistic troll must be dispiriting, I’m sorry you have to deal with it. We’ve really appreciated Freenode’s reliability and support for years now.

      I haven’t seen spambot attacks in a few hours. I’ve removed +r from #lobsters in the hopes this is done.

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      Spammer’s back, we’re trying +s so the channel won’t be listed in /list commands the bot is probably using to pick targets. This may stick around indefinitely; the channel list is almost never the discovery method visitors use.

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        Didn’t work, got hit by last night’s renewed attack. I re-enabled +r for a while longer. They’re attacking with compromised routers/IOT devices and folks are developing countermeasures, but the spammers are dedicated enough that it’s a bit of an arms race. I don’t know much of the details, it’s being handled well by Freenode staff and the only reason we’re seeing it at all is that we and they try to err in favor of being open to newbies instead of hard on spambots.