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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Work: Nose to the grindstone trying to keep up. Trying to make my results match the amount of hours/effort I’m throwing at the project.

    Home: Finally finished my home server move to new hardware and my home CI is doing builds 3x faster. I need to do a bunch of cleanup work (remove old Jenkins credentials, set up backups, etc.), but having modern tech has given me a fire to start doing hobby programming again.

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      Aside from work, I don’t know.

      And right now? I’m happy not knowing. There’s something tenuously intriguing about getting up early Monday morning and leaving your spare time open while entertaining your options.

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        • Update my JS regexp book for version 89+ (sanity check and some pending todo items)
        • Bloodline (9th book in Cradle series) is releasing tomorrow, so I’ll be reading that.
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          • Write up a little blogpost on the shim i made for my prometheus monitoring now that I’m using unix sockets to serve HTTP
          • Write up chapter 1 of my novella (and push through writer’s block!)
          • Exist
          • And at work I’m gonna work on relearning Kubernetes for something
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            Work: Implementing a decoupled UI for a service in localhost, frontend using react/electron and backend using golang and both talking via ws

            Personal: Clean up laptop, play around with radio and DMR, work on Elixir project

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              FreeBSD is migrating its ports repo from subversion to git. I’m working on making HardenedBSD’s ports repo reflect that migration (since FreeBSD is HardenedBSD’s upstream). My initial attempt caused our self-hosted GitLab server to drop to its knees, eventually failing to accept the pushed commits.

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                Talking to someone looking for a summer internship at my company.

                Finishing a web application for selling art via Stripe. Having a state machine for the entire process is liberating. You just look at the graphic and see what edge case is not yet implemented. Rinse and repeat.

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                  Cool, is it available to see in action?

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                    Yes it is: https://www.nowornever.gallery/

                    Sorry for the late reply.

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                  Winding down my work on Pause’s Flutter-based mobile app so I can then start my first client project next week. Planning to integrate post comments natively in my lobste.rs client as well, time permitting.

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                    Onboarding a new developer in the team, from the looks of it.

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                      At work: Continue the tech lead, do a presentation about packwerk

                      On my side project: Do pair programming with at least 3 people I found on reddit, android notifications, release ios app, release android app, add images and videos to chat and maybe add location sharing to the chat

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                        • Waiting on the feedbacks for 3 interviews. Probably will send some more CV in case nothing happens.
                        • Reading/playing a bit with APL
                        • Nothing else
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                          Refine some sort of manifesto / whitepaper that I wrote accidentally this weekend (I had been trying to explain something on a chatgroup all day and at 2am I started writing a pdf, then 15hrs later I was “finished” with it)..

                          I sent it to some places and I want to fix it up a bit before posting it here on lobsters :P

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                            Working on upgrading a 130,000 line React and TypeScript codebase from an ejected create-react-app build (from a few years ago) to Next.js. Wish me luck!

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                              Try to think of a way to improve outputs for NET and DSK: https://github.com/alexmyczko/autoexec.bat/blob/master/benchmark

                              I am aware the CPU output is currently limited to single core performance.

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                                My server [1] was moved and thus, I got a new IP address [2]. Email, for the most part, still works, although now the only person I can’t sent email to is my SO [3]. I have no idea what RBL has my new IP address as I’ve checked over 800+ RBL services and the new IP address is not on any of them, and everything I’ve found online about this particular issue with my SO’s ISP is at least a few years old, and of course none of the links work anymore. And said ISP has outsourced their email to another company (of course) so … yeah, dealing with that. Yea!

                                [1] Which hosts my web site, gopher site, Gemini site, and email.

                                [2] And lost the IP address it had for the past 13 years. Sigh.

                                [3] Significant Other. Her email address is with our ISP, and has had that address for years.

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                                  (outside of work)

                                  • add support to my wysiwyg math plugin for math copy-paste from sites like Wikipedia / StackExchange (or any site using MathJax / KaTeX)
                                  • I’m practicing Haskell by working on a music tagging system like beets, aimed at solving a personal pet peeve about how standard music tagging systems work. I’d like to try using datalog to solve this problem. I like to know how things work, so I’m building a small datalog engine with Haskell, using this blog post as a starting point. So far, I’ve written some parser combinators to handle parsing of prolog-like input files, and I want to rewrite the engine to work with sets, rather than lists, and support stratified negation as well as a more efficient deduction method.
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                                    Mostly, “real work”. Upon coming back from leave, I moved to another team, which has turned out to actually be fairly interesting, and to provide some direction, so more of my mindspace is taken up by work than had been the case since early 2020.

                                    A bit of spring antenna maintenance when I have the chance and weather permits. I decided to pack up my modified vertical — 160m season is over (for me at least), and I didn’t want the radial wires getting in the way of some upcoming landscaping work. I’ll put up a replacement on the opposite side of the house in the fall. I spliced another 20 feet or so of length into my skywire loop (which has needed doing since November), and sometime after the landscapers are gone I will start putting together my HexBeam, which is the most exciting thing I’ve gotten in a while.

                                    In ionospheric mapping land, I’m revisiting my question of how to estimate the errors in measurements from instruments that give a “confidence score” in arbitrary units of 0-100, but don’t provide any means of mapping that score into real-world units. I came up with a method back in 2019 that gave me a plausible answer, but I’m starting to see signs that those numbers were a bit off (they conflate measurement noise with short-term variation in the actual quantity measured) so I’m thinking about if there’s any more principled way I can do it. If principle fails, I might try to just fudge the numbers more towards what I know they should be :)

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                                      Working with Github Actions to create automatically PDF resume from Markdown.

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                                        • Coding
                                        • Upgrade my laptop to SSD
                                        • Learn a new skill in programming - may be a new framework or language(suggest something)

                                        If I have time left, I’ll make some tutorial videos

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                                          Work: performance issues that will not be allowed to bother our users : )

                                          Home: Get the bikes from winter storage. Make room for the used PS4 I bought a few weeks ago upstairs. Add some protection against crows for Kevin, our rabbit (who mostly spends his time outdoors inside a fence I set up behind the house last summer).

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                                            I am giving an online talk about Data-Oriented programming in Java. I am excited about the opportunity to cross the boundaries between static and dynamic language and to initiate fruitful discussion between the two approaches.

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                                              I work as an administrative assistant to the president of a local business, so probably just updating our old Access database and creating some videos to use as Facebook advertisements among other standard admin tasks.

                                              Outside of work I’d like to write a new blog post since I only have two posts on my site and have been neglecting that for too long. I also just started diving into learning my first language (again), this time being Swift. Really hoping I can actually stick with it and make it a habit to learn every day so I actually progress with it, so if anyone has any tips for learning their first programming language I’d love to hear them.