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    The spiritual successor to the million dollar home page.

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      Music auto plays, be forewarned.

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        I wish this had been in the title. :-( Perhaps we should have a new autoplay tag?

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          In the meantime in about:config you can set media.autoplay.enabled to false which seems to work for this site, I guess it may not always be effective, but well :)

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        Reminds me of ProgressQuest.

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          Congratulations to whoever came up with this: you reinvented Magic: the Gathering.

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            Someone on HN pointed out:

            This is basically a pay-to-win game simplified down to the leaderboard.

            I (and obviously also the author of the page) like this categorization ;)

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                I’m glad I never got into this game. It’s really disappointing to see how much I see my friends spend on it.

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                Why is this here?

                This is just a leaderboard of disposable income, and probably isn’t very interesting from a tech standpoint.

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                  You can put your site link on the page, so it’s actually auctioned advertising disguised as a game.

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                    Ah, so now we’re a clearinghouse for marketing hacks? :|

                    EDIT: Thank you for your elaboration, though. Didn’t mean to come off as a crank.

                    That said, anybody have any goatse mirrors and about a few hundred to spare? No reason. <_<