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    “I love my domain registrar.” Has anyone ever said this?

    Yes, because I use gandi.net

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      I have been using Gandi more than 10 years and they are stellar. They contribute financially to free software projects, they are technically competent, and the two times I had to contact support they were extremely helpful. So, yes, I love my registrar.

      I have also used their VPS hosting for nearly a decade without any issues.

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        Same! Gandi is amazing, no reservations at all. I very much love them and they have been absolutely a pleasure to do business with.

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          Same but with Hover.

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          I’m not sure how I feel about this. I mean It’s great the prices are so low, but there will definitely be costs incurred by Cloudfare to continue this service, plus user support, etc. Those costs are real. With no obvious way to cover these costs, something is going on. Are they selling your data/usage to someone? Are they treating it like a loss-leader and using it to further create a monopoly? Something is going on here, not sure what it is, but the old adage: if something is to good to be true.. seems to come to mind.

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            I think the key is in the paragraph containing the phrase “we charge a significant premium”. That premium is so significant that they don’t even mention numbers.

            The rest is just marketing.

            A lot of companies spend 30% of their income on marketing, a research institute I know spends almost as much on grant applications. Cloudflare spends some percentage of its income on free tiers and services, expecting that the people who benefit from those are also people who write purchase proposals a little later.

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              My impression of cloudflare is that they’re very cash rich or something and basically trying to become a one stop shop for everything you need to get a site hosted on the web except for the actual hosting. It reminds me of Google about 15 years ago when they had more extremely talented engineers than they knew what to do with and were cranking out projects left and right.

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                They definitely have some good engineers working there, they are doing some great technical things. That doesn’t make their business plan any easier to swallow. Many people jumped into bed with Google and are now trying to get out of bed and finding the jumping painful, because Google continues to go to great lengths to keep you (and your privacy) with them. Google desperately wants your data in their and only their hoover vacuum, because it’s proven so lucrative. They started off with great intentions 15 years ago and got addicted by a googol of money, to the detriment of Users and arguably the Internet as a whole(think AMP, etc), sadly. (OK technically they don’t have an actual googol of money, but the reference was just too good to pass up, given that was their name origin – as I remember it, back when they still used lego’s for drive bays)

                I don’t know Cloudfare’s business plan, either short term or long term, and I have no problems with them making money, I just don’t want them to become another Google, that gets sidetracked into harming users for the benefit of another buck.

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              “I love my domain registrar.” Has anyone ever said this?

              I use name.com and I really like their UI. It’s constantly improved too and they even have an API now that I’ve been using for DynDNS (which they didn’t have a year ago the last time I looked into it).

              Moving to a new registrar is hard. You don’t want to lose money, so you want to schedule transfers when you have a month left, so the last time I did it, it literally took me a year to get everything ported over. If you’re a company, this isn’t that big a deal; you eat the cost and do it all at once.

              I think I’ll stick to mine. I don’t like how Cloudflare is turning into another mega-corp and would rather spread my money across smaller companies.

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                When you transfer a domain to a new registrar, every registrar that I know of will honor the expiration date of the current domain and just tack another year or whatever to that, so you don’t have to time your domain moves if you don’t want to.

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                  I don’t like how Cloudflare is turning into another mega-corp

                  Even worse: I don’t like how CloudFlare’s business is literally based on centralizing the internet. They offer reverse proxying for smaller sites. So if every personal blog and such is behind them, pretty much all traffic is going to go either to other giants (Google/FB/Netflix/etc), or to CloudFlare.