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    I will cop to still being somewhat unclear on the precise definition of linearizability, even after reading aphyr’s original Jepsen articles, the wiki article, watching this, etc. Does anyone have a good resource they would recommend? Is the original paper very readable?

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      Here’s the best one I tell people: “Each operation appears to take effect atomically between its invocation and its conclusion.”

      The original paper’s not bad if you’re used to reading papers. I recommend reading only the first 3-4 pages if you are looking for the definition of linearizability.

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        What’s the paper you’re referring to?

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          Fortunately computer science preprints are relatively easy to find on the web, rescrv is probably referring to either the first link or the followup:

          http://www.cs.cmu.edu/%7Ewing/publications/HerlihyWing87a.pdf http://cs.brown.edu/~mph/HerlihyW90/p463-herlihy.pdf