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    You mention competing w/ cookiecutter – what specifically do you aim to do better/different? I’m certainly open to improvements, but I’ve also been pretty happy with cookiecutter, so I’m curious what pain points you’ve had that you want to address.

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      While cookiecutter works nicely and is in general quite similar, I found a few nice things in Kickstart:

      • Firstly, the fact that it’s compiled rust. I don’t need the python runtime.
      • Secondly, the fact that it’s currently a really basic and minimalistic tool, it takes no time to set up once you’ve read the README.
      • Thirdly, and since I’ve tried to learn rust, the fact that the current codebase is really simple, it’ve let me work on it (got one accepted pull request on it)

      As a general look, the word “competition” would be a bit strong, it’s more of a compiled alternative.