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      Why does he make it impossible to tell when his posts were published? That’s not brutalism; it’s just a pain in the ass for readers.

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        Jump up to the archive page, he names the publication dates there. And I fully agree the date should also and at least be on the article page itself.

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        It’s an seo thing - people are leas likely to click through and share older content.

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          You may notice that the front page of danluu.com has dates.

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            No combination of words in the title of the submitted article are found when searching https://danluu.com/, so that doesn’t really help.

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              My point was just that if you think no dates is an SEO thing, it’s not one Dan consistently follows.

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              Yeah, it seems to be left off of the archive. The preceding and following articles are from March and May 2015 respectively, so I’ve suggested (2015) as part of the post title here.

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      On a different tack, it’s also worth noting how steel mills can have so much of an impact on the environment (if regular prevention/remediation measures aren’t done) such that it would be too expensive to ever restore the land back. Thus instead commercial / industrial operations take over. A good example story is this on Bethlehem steel mill in the northeast US: https://blog.esghound.com/p/the-death-of-the-bethlehem-mill

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      This makes sense, considering that in the service-based economy steel mills and so on are not needed anymore.

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        I’m sorry, but this is an astonishingly ignorant thing to state.

        You get points if you mean “it is no longer economical to operate steel mills in the USA”[1], but even in the service based economy we still need steel, and lots of it.

        [1] SSAB operates 2 plants in the US, so it’s not even universal: https://www.ssab.com/en/company/about-ssab/our-business/sites-all-over-the-world

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          My comment was sarcastic, though I assumed it would cross Poe’s Law :)

          I live in a country that still sufficiently values physical goods production (Russia).