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I’m seeing a time-to-first-byte of over three seconds for each page load. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Edit: As of 20:30 UTC it looks like everything is back to being snappy.


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      Yes. It started after the server update and seems to have worsened in the last two weeks. As discussed in the chat, I was waiting for Monday to put up a meta post asking for mysql expertise to help when more people are around to help and I have the day off work to respond in realtime to ideas.

      (Also, please post bugs on the issue tracker rather than the site.)

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        I have some expertise, and I also have Monday off. Feel free to message me for contact info. Or I can connect to IRC / slack / whatever if there’s an ops channel somewhere.

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        As another data point: The site seems fine when I’m not logged in. I only notice perf issues once I log into my account.

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          You’re probably right. I think I read dang over on the orange saying they cached the home page, but not if you’re logged in. Maybe it’s the same here? I might could stay logged out most of the time, it’s not like I notice replies real-time.

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          I too see a multi-second delay when loading any page. However, when I type a comment and click Preview (which does a server round-trip), the preview loads as quickly as normal (about 0.5 seconds). Similarly, when I append .json to any URL, the JSON loads as quickly as normal.

          If it’s only HTML pages that are loading slowly, that suggests to me that something is wrong with the caching layer.

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            I have noticed it the last couple of days. Right now again.

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              Agree, it seems something is slow on the server.

              Sending: 0 ms
              Waiting: 1.83 s
              Receiving: 0 ms

              Edit: jun 20 01:52:53 UTC 2020

              Edit2: Just read pushxc answer, let’s wait for the meta try to figure this out! :D

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                I am experiencing it when I’m logged in all the time. Just haven’t set aside a good time to bug people and/or volunteer help on IRC.

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                  I’m noticing it today for the first time. I’ve made a few (trivial) contributions to the source code before and can say the developer experience is pretty painless if you’ve worked with Rails before, so don’t be afraid to jump in if anyone has bandwidth.

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                    I think it’s either an infrastructure or database issue, not something inherent in the application.

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                    Still/again slow here: Fr 19. Jun 22:52:58 UTC 2020