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I had wondered about this in the past - how to actually teach people about distributed systems architecture when you don’t have the opportunity to work on a system that generates a ton of traffic.

I am interested to see how they will structure the challenges. I assume they are not going to be sending a ton of load to user-built distributed systems.


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    This one sounds pretty fun. I struggled with web security part of the last one.

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      Did you capture the flag?

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        I made it up through level 7, didn’t get the last level done though.

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          Me too actually, after a few days of staying up late and lagging at work. With the last year’s worth of learning about TCP and HTTP, might actually have figured out the ports trick from the last problem.

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            It was a very odd one, I didn’t get it either. The critical thing was to notice the pattern, and I’m not sure that knowing more about TCP would have helped - knowing more about how Linux assigns outgoing port numbers, maybe.