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satire, not because it is, because I want it to be. (Paper)


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    Furthermore, many other popular languages (like C) which are commonly referred to as Turing Complete actually use finitely sized pointers and therefore have bounded memory.

    This isn’t true, it just means the amount of memory you can relatively address is finite. The C semantics don’t guarantee the existence of virtual memory primitives but they don’t rule them out either

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      I maintain this somewhat popular list, but I don’t think I will include this, because executing the Turing machine requires manual clicking.

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        Perhaps it can get an honorable mention :)

        You include the C Preprocessor which must be run in a loop to be Turing Compete. That seems like a similar condition to me.

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          Then you should also discount the HTML5 + CSS3 entry because it requires manual clicking.

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            So does Magic the Gathering :P

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            This is one of those things where I’m not sure what’s more impressive: the result or the fact that someone was willing to go to the effort to make this happen. There’s definitely some sort of demented genius to it.