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This was pretty interesting, one because it’s a realization from the browser team that part of optimizing the Firefox experience is optimizing the plugins that come with it.

Second, I would recommend blocking these ads/frames in your /etc/hosts file instead. I like it better because it avoids a network request and the bloat/rendering slowdown from the extra stylesheets added by something like ABP. The one downside is sometimes developers don’t style their iframes properly, so the iframe with no content can bleed all over the page text.


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    This seems like a really good reason to add native support for ad blocking into browsers and develop a browser API specifically to make ad blocking more efficient.

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      Any idea how much memory AdBlock Edge requires? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/adblock-edge/

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        AdBlock would be better implemented in a proxy layer, it would be available to all browsers on the system and potentially use only a fixed amount of memory.