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    Tag suggestion: elm elm meta

I would like to suggest a tag for the Elm language

The language has been around for quite a while now. Historically we had a few stories showing up for it as a quick search reveals. Last one today by me which won’t show up with the search as the post title doesn’t contain the language name and was filed under web (might be more in the past).

It’s also hard to find a separate tag that fits the language. One is mostly left with the web or ml/haskell tags that both don’t really fit it.

This tag has also been suggested before 4 months ago: https://lobste.rs/s/mcdxbz/tag_suggestion_elm

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      Now that we have this tag, I encourage others to go through these search results for Elm stories, click the “suggest” link on each Elm-related story, and suggest adding the elm tag. I have already done this myself, but Lobsters requires multiple people to suggest the same tags before a story’s tags are actually changed.

      I found only 47 stories in those search results that were relevant enough to deserve the elm tag. These are the deserving stories in the current results:

      You can also suggest the elm tag for the web-tagged story that mulander said “won’t show up with the search”, which is Decoding Large JSON Objects: A Summary.

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        I’ve put the suggestions all of page 1 and 2 and they’ve all seem to have taken effect.

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          Why wouldnt the f# one have the elm tag?

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            That article only discusses the architecture that Elm pioneered in the context of a different language; it has no Elm code in it. My feeling is that since Redux (which uses the same architecture) is now more popular than Elm, articles about that architecture are not related enough to Elm specifically to deserve that tag. The web tag should be included in such articles, though.

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        I slipped some elm into production this week, for first time :)