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    This article really made me think and caused me to try and pull up memories from early childhood. I do have a few memories from when I was 4 or 5 years old. For instance, I distinctly remember when I was first learning to read and figured out the meaning of the word “giraffe” from a picture book. I also remember trick-or-treating one Halloween with the other children in my neighborhood and coming to a house at which the resident came out with a mask to scare us. We all ran away and one girl tripped over the front step, skinned her knee, and started crying. The guy was really apologetic and tried to make up for it by giving the girl extra candy. These memories don’t have many details. For instance, I couldn’t tell you what the guy who scared us looked like or what kind of mask he was wearing. But I know these events happened and that my memories of them didn’t form after the fact because no one ever brought them up to me.

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      Interesting read. I have two snapshots of memory when I was 2 years ago and a few when I was 3 years old, I’m certain about age because of the location when it was taken. I also can’t remember if I remembered something well when I was 6 year old.

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        See with my kids, I think that the memories they “think” they have of early childhood are often from having seen pictures-of or later discussed the event.