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    Has anyone found release notes yet?

    This doesn’t appear to have shown up on the wiki at time of writing.


    Edit: Found them unlinked from the main page wiki release page.


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      And that’s… well, technically not the whole alphabet done, there were never releases starting with A or C, but in any case they’ve come to the end.

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        Truth is I’ve not actually spent significant time trying to make Gnome usable for my super annoying special visual needs (think CARTOONISHLY HUGE fonts EVERYWHERE! :)

        But Untiy was a nightmare and a disaster. At least with KDE I had a fighting chance in hell.

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          Ubuntu is not an operating system but a philosophy. The Ubuntu distro carries the name of that philosophy, let’s not forget that !

          I wish this philosophy was more present in the message carried by Ubuntu.

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            I wonder if this is the release where they ditch Unity and go back to Gnome? Wish they’d picked KDE. Way better accessibility story.

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              Gnome makes it’s return in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

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                Well Unity is a Gnome shell so I’m not sure KDE was ever even on the table.

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                  However, given that Ubuntu Unity is simply being replaced with the existing Ubuntu Gnome I guess they could easily have gone with Kubuntu instead.