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I tend to think of myself as being part of a thread if I submit a story, even if I haven’t commented on it yet. Perhaps this is because often I share things because I want other people’s opinion on it. I guess it’s possible that people share things without caring about the comments people have on it, but that seems off to me. (Although very altruistic, in the right light.) What do you think? Is there a reason why you submitted stories should not be part of “your threads”?

(If people agree with me and think it should be, I volunteer to raise an issue about it.)


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    Very strong yes from me - I always check both pages to make sure I don’t miss any conversations on stuff.

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      I do the same. I find it kind of annoying to have to check both.

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      Personally, I think this makes sense, although I can’t say I’ve ever thought about it.

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