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    Reminds me very vaguely of Thomas Dickey’s add program, which is a running-total calculator like you’d see with the old desktop calculators with a paper roll, only with recalculation if you change earlier rows, etc.

    As an interesting side note, add and some associated programs are why ncurses supports default background colors.

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      Thomas Dickey seems to be a really interesting person, who’s been a part of a lot of common software, and yet outside of his website I very rarely hear about him. This seems quite ironic given he’s got a page dedicated to the fact that he’s chosen not to be anonymous in order to gain a reputation, but he’s certainly made me curious about him.

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        I don’t read the page as a bid for recognition, more a discussion that the idea of anonymity has a number of drawbacks.

        I have not heard of Dickey either, but I have heard of lynx,vile, and ncurses.

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      Looks great. Much like M-x calc itself, it looks like one of those really powerful Emacs things that I’d love to take for a spin, but I really can’t think of any use cases. Curious to hear from the author what itch this scratches.

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        The original inspiration came from Tydlig, which does similar things, but can’t save. I wanted something simple that could do live-updating calulations with intermediate values, and that also saves to a file. The result is this. If you don’t need tables/graphs, this is an okay spreadsheet alternative that is also plaintext.

        I’m planning to add better export (/import?) in the future to make it easier to just dump out results once you’re done calculating, at which point you literally just have a text file with all the data you need.

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          What I love about calc is that you both have an RPN calculator and a “paper trail” like in old physical calculators with paper rolls.

          I also believe it’s arbitrary precision… I just randomly calculated 24^24 and got 1333735776850284124449081472843776 really fast on a cheap VPS…

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            Can you not think of any use-cases for calc or this package?