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    @ruki are you the dev? Maybe you can opt in to Hacktoberfest and get some motivated individuals to write some LDoc or similar annotations for the project. I’d love to jump in, but without some more comprehensive docs I wouldn’t know where to begin. Looks great though

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      Yes, but I don’t have much time to write documents. You can directly refer to all examples in the tests directory. And thank you very much for your suggestions.

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        I understand the dilemma. There’s a gang of people looking to complete Hacktoberfest, and would probably write (at least some of) those annotations for you if you opt-in and throw some issues up for completing them. Might as well cash in on free help while it’s available.

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          Thanks, I will consider to use LDoc to generate documents. https://github.com/tboox/ltui/issues/13

          Although Hacktoberfest seems very interesting, I still don’t know how to organize and create events, and I don’t think anyone will participate in my project.

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      I’ve just fallen in love with Lua over the last few weeks by way of TIC-80 and it’s super great to see things like this that help broaden out the Lua ecosystem.

      Can I ask a related but not exactly on topic question? Which Lua distro do you favor / recommend for Windows? The only one I’ve seen thus far seems to want me to install the entire MingW toolchain in order to install any LuaRocks and I’m reluctant to do that (Maybe I shouldn’t be!).

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        You can try winlua, but I haven’t used it either.