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    My desktop is a Talos II, but I use a Blackbird for testing and as an HTPC. Here was the review I wrote on it earlier on: https://www.talospace.com/2019/06/a-semi-review-of-raptor-blackbird.html

    Jirka also posted some more detailed “living with” posts: https://jirkasnotes.wordpress.com/

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      Your review was very informative, but somehow it gave me the impression that the CPU would get hot and noisy. Turns out that the whole issue is the built-in VGA that is not usable at all for a desktop machine. After a few months of mulling it I got a Blackbird with the 8 core CPU, and the 3U active cooler is way quieter than I expected (thanks to q66 in IRC for repeatedly telling me that it would) and found that even an old PCI 2.1 passively-cooled (just an aluminium heatsink) graphic card made the system perform wonderfully. It really is a massive difference.

      Now after more than one year as my main computer, both for work and leisure, I continue to be very happy with it.

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        I still argue it does, in the wrong case. Mine is in an HTPC mATX case and I think for a 8-core it’s happier in an ATX tower. But of course what’s too much noise is always a subjective analysis :)

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        FYI I am flagging this as the full drewdevault.com domain was banned from lobste.rs. I expect the admins to remove your post or ban you for posting those blog posts.

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          Flagging it as what? None of the categories is appropriate. I find your desire for some post to be deleted or a person to be banned for posting something relevant appalling.

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            I wouldn’t expect a ban if someone didn’t know. It’s probably confusing to post something from someone who can’t respond, however.

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              Why was it banned? I don’t see a mention of the ban anywhere in the rules…

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                Among the top 3 results here


                However it just refers to top-level submissions, links in comments are fine.

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                I knew this domain was banned for submissions, but I thought links to specific (on topic) posts are OK.

                Btw: I just upvoted your explanation because I appreciate it :)

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                  Just to be clear I am being annoying on purpose because I don’t like the fact that the admin bans the entire domain on a power trip for no reason at all just because he has a personal problem with the author (who isn’t even the one posting the links to that domain on lobste.rs). I thought that this website is different and community moderated but sadly it isn’t and the moderation suffers from all the same problems as everywhere else. I don’t actually see anything wrong with the domain, its content or your comment. I just don’t like the admin who is being petty and if he wants to act like this then he should manage his own RSS subscription and not this website.