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    I feel like Electron is going to keep being used is because from a business perspective, nothing really beats it right now. Its a write once run everywhere container for a set of tools and technologies which are very easy to hire for.

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      I can understand the appeal of Electron but surely there has to be a better solution? I have run a few well-known Electron applications on relatively fast machines (desktop i7/16GB/SSD or similar) and they’ve all been horrible. I don’t understand how people can say, for example, that Atom is fast - IMHO, it’s a dog. And Slack isn’t much better. Never mind the huge binary sizes, the fact that I now have multiple copies of (what is ostensibly) Chrome on disk, etc, etc.

      FYI, there have been a few episodes of The Changelog recently discussing Electron, including 216 and 227.

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        This applies to JavaScript in general, for better or for worse (for my employment, better; for enjoyment of said employment, worse).

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        It’s a pretty big pain to package, especially for NixOS. Need to figure out a way to make that nicer.