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    the language comparison page is interesting, and explains a bit more about what distinguishes the language. i would have liked to see ocaml added to the list, it looks like it’s targeting a very similar design space.

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      I’m a bit grumpy about the Rust characterisation in that document: https://github.com/titzer/virgil/blob/master/doc/wiki/MoreLanguageComparisons.md#rust

      Ownership and Borrowing are useful for memory management, but especially Ownership has a lot more to bring than just memory safety. “Who is currently responsible for that piece of data?” is a fundamental question of particularly parallel programming.

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        Agreed. “Irrelevant memory management details” are irrelevant until you’re starting to run low on memory and need to manage it. It’s a very nice luxury to not need to design for those circumstances.

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      With the vast number of pet-project languages coming out these days, it’s really helpful to include a one-pager showing the features that make your language different, or stand out. The step-by-step tutorial pages for new programmers are less important (at first) because they’re not the ones you’re reaching.