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Hi everyone,

I’m a project manager who wants to get hands-on experience in software development, I’ve finished a Bootcamp and here is my final project - taxi app (Uber/Bolt web-based clone): video demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49NEiPnsUKg git front - https://bitbucket.org/nkloga/taxipy-frontend and backend https://bitbucket.org/nkloga/taxipy-backend

I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions!

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    That’s really well made! Any plans on using this same “real-time multiple roles” concept in a different application or project? Assuming you’re not going after Uber, that is 😉

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      Thanks! Didn’t think about it yet, web sockets that are used there could be set up in a better way, as far as I’m aware, currently, all users get notified about changes and filter out all unrelated to them messages… Regarding the next project, most probably I’ll make a landing page to help my father sell honey online, he is a beekeeper.

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        That is a wholesome next project, best of luck! If you decide to open-source it as well, send us a link here :)

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          Sure I will!

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          How old is he? I mean, he’s beekeeping age clearly

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            he is 75, beekeeping for the last 30 years, usually, he gets up to 500kg per season

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              Wow! That sounds a lot to me. I know nothing about the economics of bee keeping.

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                Yes, sounds a lot, considering that he has I think 15 hives. Financially it is not that much, here in Estonia, he can sell it as up to 8EUR/kg which gives ±4KEUR per year

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        Just a quick meta-reminder from the submission Guidelines:

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          When submitting a URL

          To my eyes, this post is not a URL submission. I can also appreciate the concern though. But it seems like there is no main page for this project, so the best way to do it is with the text field.

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            It’s a Show Lobsters. I suggested that modification through the system.

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              Oops, you’re right I missed that. Ignore the above comment then.