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    I’m pretty sure I’m violently allergic to his C style.

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      what in particular do you dislike? I took the style from the BSD 4.4 cat source, and the attribution of that code is to Rob Pike himself. The one thing I did change was moving assignment in conditions and loop tests to separate assignments and tests, as in changing if (buf = malloc(bsize)){ err(1,0); } to buf = malloc(bsize); if (!buf) { err(1, 0); }, which I found (when starting to learn C) to be easier to understand.

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        Though I understand that C makes 0 and NULL interchangeable in many contexts, I think it’s important to reflect the type and intent of the variables and values in expressions. For instance, I think (buf != NULL) is clearer than (!buf). Similarly err(1, NULL) instead of err(1, 0).

        I also think the structure of the do/while loop in main() is confusing, and probably would have been better with the use of argc and explicit handling of the no-argument case.

        I’ve been voted -1 troll, though, so I suppose I’ll get my coat!

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          You used K&R style function declarations and C99 style line comments. At the very least, stick with either K&R, C89 (new function declaration style, no // comments) or C99.

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        Man that was fast!

        Couldn’t help thinking, is this realtime? does the guy prepares its casts? Are you guys able to write that this fast?

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          (author here) very very rehearsed, and done in small segments. Also, the voiceover was done separately. For my paid screencasts about re-writing Git I’ve been recording the typing/talking simultaneously, but I thought a casual viewer would appreciate a quicker watch. I’ll be practicing to get to grb/Destroy All Software speeds!