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      ACD’s tech stack (which was a term we didn’t have then) was C++ on two flavors of UNIX: Digital Equipment Corporation’s Ultrix and IBM’s AIX.

      C++ in 1989? Wow. I suppose if you were bleeding edge you were maybe using AT&T cfront 2.0 (that was released in 1989). Before then, I think people were using either cfront 1.2 (1986) or maybe g++ 1.15.3 (1987). Did DEC or IBM have their own C++ compilers back then?

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      I started writing software for money in ~1992, after I dropped out of university. I wrote a lot of C, on an absurd variety of Unixes – Irix, SunOS, Solaris (eventually), HP-UX, Ultrix. The thing I really do remember most is how fucking horrible it was. I was so delighted when Linux became a thing, but these days, I do sort of miss the weird ecosystem.