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    So many cool Raspberry Pi projects; virtually no Raspberry PI boards available for purchase. I hope the stock situation gets better soon, it’s been dire for a long time. I’d sure hate to be a company that was producing a CM-based design right now…

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      You can have a look at https://rpilocator.com to make it easier to find boards.

      As for companies, they actually get boards. See https://www.raspberrypi.com/news/production-and-supply-chain-update :

      Right now we feel the right thing to do is to prioritise commercial and industrial customers – the people who need Raspberry Pis to run their businesses – we’re acutely aware that people’s livelihoods are at stake. There is currently enough supply to meet the needs of those customers. (Read to the end if you’re in this position and are struggling.) Unfortunately this comes at the cost of constrained supply for individual customer, who might be looking to buy a small number for home projects or for prototyping.

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        I looked at rpilocator before making that post. I look at it every day. In the current state of play, it does not make it easier to find boards, it just makes it easier to confirm that there are no boards available.

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          I got one thanks to that website and its RSS feed (bought in the UK for France, with hopefully no crazy taxes) but I agree that it’s very difficult to get boards. It took me at least a couple weeks to get a single one. Still it’s the best thing that we have for that.