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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    A shift at McDonald’s. Be safe during the holidays, and please be nice to people who have to work instead of sit at home. :^)

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      Oh boy, I get to do basically nothing!

      Happy holidays all.

      Relax with abandon.

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        My fiancé and I will be telling our family that we’re gonna actually do it and go get married. Should go great.

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          Hell yeah! Happy for yall and wish you two best of luck on everything around that! :)

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            Find out my social security number because I just got hired at my first job at a full-time, remote, Site Reliability Operator position during my second year of university. Not an internship, a regular contract.

            Thanks Lobsters for everything I’ve learned here that has gotten me this far.

            Happy holidays!

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              Probably looking into both getting my amateur radio license, concealed carry license, and purchasing an SDR and other RF equipment.

              Also probably writing documentation for the drivers I wrote (and released earlier today) for work. And probably answering usage questions for the grad student who will be using them.

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                What OS and what hardware are the drivers for, if I may ask?

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                  It’s an embedded AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) used to make precise pulses of RF. I work with a local university physics lab.

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                  Good you doing concealed carry. Way I see it, it makes you more safe/effective and everyone else more comfortable day to day. :)

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                  I just bought a 108 year old house, and I’m trying to figure out where all of the phone wiring is run, so I can use it to pull ethernet cable from the basement to the second floor.

                  One quick observation is how cautious the phone companies were (100 years) in avoiding drilling holes, vs. the cable companies (20 years) that excised parts of the original wood flooring and drilled multiple half inch holes straight through the siding, plaster and trim.

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                    • Reviewing final release of https://haskellbook.com/
                    • Prepping Boutique for the release ( e-commerce app backing https://lorepub.com/ )
                    • Haircut and errands on Saturday
                    • Picking up sister-in-law on Sunday
                    • Spending week of Christmas w/ in-laws
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                      Awesome! Congrats on going “Final”!!!

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                        Thank you!

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                      Setting up OpenBSD, learning some more emacs, and teaching myself rust or go! (Could someone help me choose? I’m building a web forum with graphql and a graph database.

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                        I love the theater, and as a surprise Christmas present my wife got her mom to watch our kids and we’re going to see a play and then have dinner. That was a great surprise.

                        Other than that…Santa has a lot of wrapping to do before he comes to our house next week.

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                          1. Advent of Code
                          2. going to see the Star Wars movie at 8am on Saturday
                          3. friends’ annual winter solstice party
                          4. band practice
                          5. neighbors are having a holiday party with tamales

                          (yikes, that’s way too much stuff)

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                            Weird, I’m at a tamales party right now. (Or at least the lull at the end of the party.)

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                            I’m working on implementing the assembly part of total order comparisons of floating point values for the language I’m playing with.

                            It’s kinda surprising for me though that x86 doesn’t have any comparison instruction that returns 1/0/-1 depending on larger/equal/smaller, it seems everything has to be done by hand.

                            Also surprising that x86 has no instruction that does total order comparisons, instead it requires moving the bits from the fp regs to gp regs and do the bit twiddling there.

                            (I appreciate any corrections if I’m wrong with this!)

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                              Family and lots of small things

                              • getting my car back from the mechanic after clutch replacement
                              • buying food for the holidays
                              • visiting my partner’s father who lives alone, and decorating his place, and making some Christmas foods for him (will visit him at Christmas too)
                              • finalizing nginx reverse proxy and Oauth setup for my NAS’s and its hosted services
                              • finishing reading The Bullet Journal Method. Towards the end it seems too bullshit-ridden and self-repetitive for me, so this needs quite some effort.
                              • populating my skeleton bullet journal from task list papers lying around on my desk.
                              • start working on my long abandoned nixie-tube clock with the help of my father (who will help in the higher-voltage electronics parts). Still thinking about what features to creep in. Will be built around an STM32 Arm core

                              If I’ll have some time and willpoer left I’ll start this year’s AoC in F#, but now I feel very unenthusiastic about AoC and its coding-competition-like puzzles (have not checked this year’s ones yet).

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                                It has been a rocky couple of months due to various reasons but I have a couple of weeks of holiday coming up. I’m going to start doing nothing I don’t want to do and take more walks…

                                One thing left to do is go to ikea to grab a present and have a look at something small for my kids, but I’m putting that in the ‘okay to do’ pile.

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                                  • Enjoy relax family life.
                                  • Finish Christmas shopping.
                                  • Working on my toy jit expression language for bitmaps.
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                                    Visiting my mom for Christmas and hopefully taking it easy.

                                    Also messing around more with ggez, a lightweight 2D game framework in Rust. We’ll see if I can come up with a graphics API that is better/faster/less buggy but also still easy for a newbie to use. I think I have a good skeleton but it needs some higher-level flesh atop it.

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                                      Good luck on that! Looking forward to doing more 2D gaming with Rust, too.

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                                      Star Wars, Advent of Code (4 days to catch up on) and spending a full day with my one y/o son. Just the two of us (while my s.o. entertains the other two going to a Christmas fair).

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                                        • Verifying that my 401k is set up right before the current enrollment/update period closes.
                                        • Hopefully playing some Root (board game).
                                        • Indulging an itch to breed competitive Pokemon that I’ve never felt before Sword/Shield, even going back to Red/Blue.
                                        • My weekly planning.
                                        • Decorate the Christmas tree with 3D prints prepared by my girlfriend.
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                                          I’m hoping to do first tests of a “Wing-thing” I preordered long time ago and finally received on Wednesday; it’s (mild yet, but) winter here, so for now will just do them on a grass field in the middle of my city. I’m nervous because I took quite a huge risk buying it, as I’m not really sure if the winds here are enough that it would actually work often enough to make any sense. But then, I would really regret heavily if I didn’t go for it… I bought the largest one that was available (a 7m² “Plus” Wing), ordered months ago, got it this week, and today they announced even bigger ones available for preorder… but I’m consoling myself that from the charts they show, the low-wind range for the new ones doesn’t seem to be that much better…

                                          Other than that, I may have some time to try and experiment with trying to build a prototype CUE- & 0install- & chocolatey-based poor man’s Nix alternative for managing my config files & app installs on Windows (the long term goal is to have something that could eventually be unified with my Linux home-manager setup).